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Law Expands Kids' Dental Coverage, But Few Dentists Will Treat Them

Children's health advocates are cheering provisions in the health care law that will increase dental coverage for children. But with dentists scarce in some parts of the country and others not taking Medicaid patients, parents may find it hard to get the care their kids need.

Does Social Media Encourage Violent Teen Behavior?

The recent rape allegations in Steubenville, Ohio raised concerns among parents about whether social media is encouraging bad and sometimes violent teen behavior. Host Michel Martin explores new media and teens' decisions about risk with a panel of parents.

Pictures May Speak Louder Than Words When It Comes To Smoking

Researchers found that graphic warning labels had a greater impact on smokers' intentions to quit than written warnings. Reactions to the visual warnings were similar across racial and income groups, which researchers say is important because of higher rates of tobacco-related disease among some minorities and the poor.

These Are The Tweets That Will Get A Doctor In Trouble

The boards that license and discipline doctors are watching what they post online. Guaranteed cancer cures and photos of drunken debauchery are definite no-nos. A picture of a doctor holding a drink at an office party might raise an eyebrow but probably wouldn't trigger an investigation.

Flu Wave Stresses Out Hospitals

It's still too soon to say whether this is a historically bad flu season. But it's already clear that emergency rooms around the country are filled with feverish throngs that are much larger than during the last flu season.

How Long Does It Take To Shake A Cough?

People expect coughs to last about half as long as they actually do. This misconception may lead patients to ask their doctors for antibiotics to treat cases of bronchitis that would go away without treatment.