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Scientists Bag Small Game In Bathroom Germ Safari

A study funded in part by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute assesses the germs that lurk in public restrooms. Researchers found 19 different types of bacteria in bathrooms on the University of Colorado campus in Boulder.

Tavenner To Replace Berwick As Medicare Chief

Marilyn Tavenner, a nurse, is set to succeed Dr. Donald M. Berwick as administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Tavenner is the agency's principal deputy administrator and will serve on an acting basis as administrator during the confirmation process.

How To Avoid A Thanksgiving Trip To The ER

Plumbers and emergency room doctors have plenty of business come Thanksgiving. An ER doctor has some useful tips for steering clear of her and her colleagues over the holiday.

Heritage Turkeys: To Save Them, We Must Eat Them

Heritage turkey breeds would be extinct if people didn't raise them. And farmers won't raise them if people don't eat them. Breeds like the Narragansett that were close to extinction a decade ago are making a comeback as people choose to go with the darker, gamier meat.

Study Lends Support To Long-Term Treatment With Statins

The latest update to a large study started in 1994 should go a long way toward dispelling any lingering worries that statins might increase risks of some illnesses, such as cancer. That was an early concern with the medicines, but one that hasn't been borne out.

Classes Offer Help For Expectant Grandparents

For new or expectant grandparents who may need a refresher about taking care of newborns: You're in luck. Robert Siegel talks to Rosalys Peel of Seattle's Swedish Medical Center about Grandparenting 101.