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Poll: Americans Show Support For Compensation Of Organ Donors

Federal law bans payments for organs. But about 60 percent of Americans support health care credits as compensation for organ donors, the NPR-Thomson Reuters Health Poll finds.

Medical Records Could Yield Answers On Fracking

Is fracking making people sick? The question has ignited a national debate. A proposed study in northern Pennsylvania could help resolve the issue. By mining more than 10 years' worth of patient records, researchers hope to better understand the potential impact of hydraulic fracturing on health.

U.S. Funding Of HIV/AIDS Fight Overseas Carries Other Benefits

Has the massive amount the United States has to treat people with HIV in poor countries crowded out prevention and treatment of other diseases? An analysis of health data from nine countries in Africa suggests that's not the case.

You May Be Among The Things That Go Bump In The Night

Some 3.6 percent of adults engaged in "nocturnal wandering," as the researchers put it, in the year before they answered questions during an interview for a study. One percent reported having two or more episodes of sleepwalking a month.

The Politics Of Fat In Black And White

Novelist Alice Randall sparked controversy with an op-ed in the New York Times in which she wrote, "chemically ... black fat may be the same as white fat. Culturally it is not." Randall argues that overweight women of all ethnicities must lose weight, but many are fat because they want to be.

Cost Of Cancer Pills Can Be Hard For Medicare Patients To Swallow

How some insurers pay for treatments means that cancer pills can wind up costing a patient more than an IV. Some states have passed laws to make sure that patients don't have to pay more to take pills. But those laws don't apply to Medicare.

Jet-Lagged By Your Social Calendar? Better Check Your Waistline

The disconnect between our social calendars and our biological clocks is creating "social jet lag," according to key researchers. And that's taking a toll on our weight because the body stores fat when it's not getting enough sleep.