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UConn Claims Resveratrol Researcher Falsified Work

After a three-year investigation, the University of Connecticut Health Center has told 11 scientific journals that studies they published by resveratrol researcher Dipak K. Das may not be trustworthy.

Could A Soda Tax Prevent 26,000 Deaths Per Year?

Researchers say a tax on soda could be an effective way of preventing diabetes, strokes and early deaths. But some wonder whether a tax would encourage people to substitute another empty calorie drink, or other types of junk foods that were not taxed, for soda.

Biggest Bucks In Health Care Are Spent On A Very Few

Just 1 percent of the population accounted for 21.8 percent of all U.S. health spending in 2009. And just 5 percent accounted for half the total spending.

Researchers Say 3 Embryos Is Too Many For IVF

British researchers say the time has come to buckle down on the number of embryos used during in-vitro fertilization. Three or more is entirely too many, they concluded after looking at data on more than 124,000 IVF treatments.

Will Regulating Home Care Workers Cost Jobs?

President Obama wants to regulate wages for nearly 2 million home care workers. Supporters of the regulation say home care workers are underpaid, but others say the changes could force health care agencies to cut jobs. Host Michel Martin hears from a home care agency director, a client, and a labor reporter.

Gingrich, Romney Go At It Over Abortion

As the race heads to socially conservative South Carolina, the Republican presidential candidates are accusing each other of being less than pure on the issue.