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Laws Prohibiting Bush Meat Are Actually A Boon For The Bush Meat Biz

That's what researchers in Equatorial Guinea have found. Endangered animals are at risk. So are humans, from diseases the animals could harbor. So how do you stop the bush meat trade?

At Clinton Event, An Emotional Conversation On Substance Use

In New Hampshire this week, Hillary Clinton veered from the stump speech for a somber discussion on substance abuse. Nearly everyone in the room had been affected by drugs.

Engineers Make Narcotics With Yeast. Is Home-Brewed Heroin Next?

The yeast produce only tiny amounts of the drug. But eventually, the technology could lead to better painkillers and other medicines. Drug officials worry the microbes could fall into the wrong hands.

Katrina's Emotional Legacy Includes Pain, Grief And Resilience

Ten years after the storm some residents have found healing — in the arts, family and new opportunities. Others suffer lingering grief and other difficulties they trace to Katrina.

Titanium Rings Tough To Crack In Emergencies

The patient's ring was stuck, his finger dangerously swollen. Doctors tried everything to remove it — and finally hit upon a solution they hope will help other people.

Party Of 1: We Are Eating A Lot Of Meals Alone

We've never been more connected as a society: tweeting, texting, vining. But when it comes to eating, more of us are going solo. And even when we do have table companions, we may be tuning them out.

You Don't Need To Go Low-Carb To Burn Body Fat, Study Says

Popular advice suggests a low-carb diet is necessary to trigger the body to shed fat. But a small, rigorous study finds low-fat diets also spark body-fat loss. The key: Choose a diet you'll stick to.

Chatty Marmosets Have Something To Say About Vocal Learning

Scientists have found that marmosets have the capability to learn calls from their parents. Studying the small monkeys may provide insights into developmental disorders in humans, like autism.

A Doctor's Gift To The Brave Nurses Of Sierra Leone

Dr. Nahid Bhadelia volunteered to help fight Ebola in the African nation. When she learned that many of the nurses there didn't always receive a salary, she sprang into action via crowdfunding.
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Synthetic Drugs: What's Behind The Nationwide Surge in Related Crime And Overdoses

Doctors and police warn there is nationwide surge in crime and overdoses related to synthetic cannabinoids. The illegal street drugs often make users violently psychotic. A discussion on the health risks, national trends and challenges to medical professionals and law enforcement.