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Bill Gates Raises A Glass To (And Of) Water Made From Poop

And he drinks it. It's all thanks to the Janicki Omniprocessor, a new machine that can turn human waste into clean water.

Back In D.C. From The Ebola Hot Zone, I Broke Out In A Fever

An NPR producer found out firsthand what happens when a returnee from Liberia registers a temperature and must contact the U.S. health bureaucracy.

Trapped In His Body For 12 Years, A Man Breaks Free

Martin Pistorius spent more than a decade unable to move or communicate, fearing he would be alone, trapped, forever. NPR's new show Invisibilia tells how his mind helped him create a new life.

Is 'Cook At Home' Always Good Health Advice?

A recent study finds that middle-aged women who spent more time cooking were more likely to have metabolic syndrome. Researchers say the message should be "cook healthfully," not just "cook often."

Are Teenagers Capable Of Making Life-Or-Death Decisions?

The case of Cassandra, a 17-year-old who says she doesn't want chemotherapy for Hodgkin lymphoma, has sparked fierce debate. A medical ethicist says teenagers should be able to determine their fates.

Ebola Vaccine Will Soon Be Tested In West Africa

It's been tough to design tests because some people object to the idea that a comparison group won't receive the vaccine. But plans are moving ahead.

Poll: Most Americans Would Share Health Data For Research

The topics for study didn't matter much to people who said they were willing to share. Every category — ranging from safety issues to health costs — scored at least 90 percent in the NPR poll.

How The Skin Disease Psoriasis Costs Us Billions

People with the autoimmune disease psoriasis can need a lot of medical care and can miss a lot of work. A review adds up the big-dollar cost of a disease that often flies under the radar.

After Leelah Alcorn's Suicide, Trans Youth Fight Broader Bias

The media response to Leelah Alcorn's suicide has prompted young transgender people — especially people of color — to demand greater awareness about the discrimination they face every day.

Why Bill Gates Is Commissioning Fine Art

From stylized photography that looks like a fashion shoot to a comic book journey about lockjaw, artwork from around the world illustrates the value of vaccines.