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Here's How To Learn What The Supreme Court Says About Health Care

The most-anticipated decision of the year is expected to be handed down just after 10 a.m. ET on Thursday. We've got links to where to follow the news, background and more.

A Guide To The Cleanest And Filthiest U.S. Beaches

An environmental group has issued its annual report on the nation's filthiest beaches, where a day in the water can mean skin rashes, stomach flu and respiratory problems. Who made the list?

Feds Move To Curb Abusive Debt Collection By Nonprofit Hospitals

The Treasury Department has proposed restrictions on debt collectors, required under the 2010 federal health law, to protect patients at nonprofit hospitals. A Supreme Court ruling that strikes down the entire law would scotch the new rules.
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Four Years Later, Federal Mental Health Law Goes Unimplemented

Observers may be wondering whether President Obama's health care reform bill will be upheld, but others, including some local lawmakers, are working to implement mental health provisions that were passed more than four years ago.


Limits Put On Nonprofit Hospital Debt Collection

The U.S. Treasury Department last week released proposed rules to protect patients from abusive debt collection practices at nonprofit hospitals. The rules are required by the Affordable Care Act of 2010. If the Supreme Court votes to strike down the health care law, the new debt collection rules would go away.

Dementia Complicates Romance In Nursing Homes

Consensual sex among aging residents of nursing homes can be fraught. And when those older people are showing signs of dementia, family members sometimes stand in in the way of love.

Swine Flu May Have Killed Far More People Than Thought

The global death toll from the swine flu pandemic may have been 15 times larger than previous estimates. Researchers tried to fill in gaps in places around the world where statistics on the illness were harder to come by.