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Health Insurance Cutbacks Squeeze The Insured

Health insurance has been changing dramatically. Even people with insurance are paying thousands of dollars out of pocket before their insurance kicks in. And when that happens, insurance picks up less than it used to — often a lot less.

Judge Sours On POM Wonderful's Erectile Dysfunction & Heart Disease Claims

A federal judge says POM Wonderful violated the law by making claims that led people to believe the juice could treat, prevent or reduce the risk of certain diseases. But the company is claiming victory because it will not have to clear its future marketing plans with the FDA.

Easier Colon Cancer Test Works Well, But Colonoscopy's Still King

Over the past decade or so, sigmoidoscopy has been largely abandoned by doctors in the U.S. in favor of colonoscopy to detect and prevent colon cancer. But sigmoidoscopy is easier on patients and is also effective in finding precancerous polyps.

Woman Charged In Death Of Fetus Is Out Of Jail

Shuai, a Chinese immigrant who lives in Indiana, is still facing charges of murder and feticide following a failed suicide attempt in Dec. 2010, when she was 33 weeks pregnant.