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How Do Racial Attitudes Affect Opinions About The Health Care Overhaul?

Data suggest that the racial attitudes of ordinary Americans have shaped both how they feel about Obama's health care overhaul and how intense those feelings are.

Health Care In America: Follow The Money

With the Supreme Court poised to hear arguments about President Obama's health law next week, the time seemed ripe for looking at the economic stakes. The public sector is a big part of the American health care industry, which now accounts for 18 percent of the GDP.

Can The Health Care Industry Continue To Grow?

Robert Siegel talks with Uwe Reinhardt, a professor of Economics and Public Affairs at Princeton University, about health care innovation and whether it's worth it.

Medical Innovations Can Come At A Cost

Sometimes medical technology expands where it's not necessarily needed. It may drive up the price hospitals charge insurance companies, who in turn raise premiums.