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Why A Young Man Died In A Nursing Home, A State Away From His Mom

Zach Sayne, who died this month at age 25 in Alabama, never made it home to Georgia where his mother hoped he would be cared for. The story of why she couldn't move him there shows the bureaucratic traps, underfunding and lack of choices that plague state Medicaid programs.

Cutting Sugar Consumption Helps Keep Extra Weight Off

Adults who upped their intake of sugary foods or drinks gained about a pound a year, a study found. But the researchers say it's impossible to say how much cutting back sugar would reduce obesity because sugar's not the only problem.

When Is It Safe To Go Back To Work After The Flu?

Host Michel Martin isn't the only person who's been "under the weather" lately. She chats with NPR science correspondent Rob Stein about the nation-wide flu outbreak.

'Robogut' Makes Synthetic Poop To Treat Stubborn Infections

Canadian scientists have developed a synthetic stool that successfully treated two patients with a severe form of diarrhea. The researchers call the concoction RePOOPulate, and they produce it using a machine that recreates conditions in the colon.

Sick Workers' Dilemma: Stay Home Or Go To Work?

The earliest flu outbreak in years continues to claim victims. Businesses are taking a hit, too. They're faced with an unsolvable problem: If they tell too many sick employees to stay home, the work doesn't get done; those who do come to the office can spread germs.