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How Your Brain Is Like Manhattan

The human brain may be just three pounds of jelly. But it turns out that jelly is very organized. New scanning techniques show that the brain's communications pathways are laid out in a highly ordered three-dimensional grid that look a bit like a map of Manhattan.

Autism Rates Jump Again, As Diagnosis Improves

The rapid rise in numbers has prompted calls to declare the developmental disorder an epidemic. But researchers say most if not all of the increase could be due to better recognition of the disorder by parents, doctors and teachers.

As Arguments Wrap, Future of Health Law Is Unclear

The Supreme Court on Thursday concluded arguments on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. The oral arguments are only part of the decision making process, and it is unclear what, if any, changes will ultimately be made to the health care law.

'Triggered': Anxiety And The Doubting Disorder

In his memoir Triggered: A Memoir of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Fletcher Wortmann reveals the overwhelming anxieties he faces and how he gradually learned to cope with what some call the "doubting disorder."

Like The U.S., Europe Wrestles With Health Care

As the Supreme Court weighs the fate of President Obama's health care law, several European countries are also debating the future of their health care systems. They include Britain and France, nations which have had universal coverage for decades, but are having to adjust to changing demographics and rising costs.
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Alcoholism (Rebroadcast)

Many millions of people suffer some negative consequences as a result of drinking alcohol: Personal perspectives on what works and what doesn't it the effort to quit drinking