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A Deadly Fire That Changed How Hospitals Are Built

A ferocious fire at the largest hospital in Hartford, Conn., killed 16 people 50 years ago. The results of an investigation into the blaze led stricter fire codes and construction standards for hospitals across the country.

With Doubts, FDA Panel Votes For Yaz And Related Contraceptives

After hours of circular debate about the safety of Bayer's family of oral contraceptives, 15 of the Food and Drug Administration's 26 expert advisors voted that the benefits of these birth control pills outweigh the risk of dangerous blood clots.
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Virginia Considers Raising Cigarette Tax

A new proposal could help lower Virginia's car tax, but smokers in the state will have to pay.

To Keep Marriage Healthy When Baby Comes, Share Housework

It's well documented that marital happiness plummets with the arrival of a baby. But a study of more than 2,800 married couples identifies common traits that helped more than a third of them buck the trend.

Obama Slams GOP For Blocking Consumer Nominee

President Obama held a brief but wide-ranging news conference Thursday. He began with a brief statement criticizing Senate Republicans for blocking his nominee to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. He also responded to questions talked about Iran, Plan B, a proposed extension of unemployment insurance benefits and Osama bin Laden.

Experimental Vaccine For Stomach Flu Might Work

A test of a nasal vaccine against norovirus suggests it may be possible to immunize people against the virus, a common cause of foodborne illness.