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Blood Doctors Call Foul On NCAA's Screening For Sickle Cell

The leading group of doctors specializing in blood disorders says it opposes the NCAA's screening program for sickle cell trait in college athletes. The doctors say it overlooks other, more common factors in exercise-related deaths and is not a comprehensive solution.

How Health Care Dropped Out Of The Presidential Conversation

The public remains deeply divided over the law overhauling the health system. And a new poll finds a majority of Americans believe the law's insurance mandate will be found unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

Working Long Hours Can Be Depressing, Truly

People who work long hours are more likely to become depressed, even if they're working in the executive suite. That's according to a study of British civil servants. Other studies have found that people with higher incomes are less vulnerable to depression, but they didn't factor in work hours.

Home Births Grow More Popular In U.S.

Advocates of home births applaud the trend, but some doctors caution there are risks when deliveries come with complications. The federal data suggest the trend appears to be driven primarily by the choices of older, white women.

The (Un)usual Suspect: Why Organic Spices Aren't Always Safe

Salmonella contamination in organic celery seed caused headaches — and an FDA recall — for one entrepreneur. Her tale is a reminder that organic certification doesn't measure food safety; it's only about how a food was grown.

Kids Have A Say In Louisville's School Lunch Menu

New guidelines announced by the U.S. Department of Agriculture on Wednesday call for less fat and more fruits in school lunches. In Louisville, Kentucky, the Jefferson County School District lets students evaluate its healthy food offerings.