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Dengue Fever Cases Surge Worldwide

Dengue fever cases are soaring worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. They're also hitting closer to home. Two locally acquired cases were reported in Miami last year, and public health experts say we should expect more.

Stem Cell Eye Therapy Shows Promise

Reporting inThe Lancet, researchers write that a preliminary study shows embryonic stem cell therapy in two patients with macular degeneration was safe. Results suggest the patients' vision improved slightly. Dr. Robert Lanza, Chief Scientific Officer of Advanced Cell Technology and co-author of the study, discusses the trial.

Study: 1 in 14 People Has Oral HPV Infection

Men were much more likely to have an oral HPV infection than women. And people who have had more sex partners and more frequent sex were more likely to be positive for HPV.

Complexities Of Helping Others End Their Lives

Terminal illness patients sometimes feel that their pain outweighs the benefits of life. Dr. Larry Egbert, co-founder and former medical director of the Final Exit Network, says he helped several patients find ways to end their suffering and lives. He was recently profiled in The Washington Post Magazine. He speaks with host Michel Martin.

From Health Food To Health Risk: Sprouts Slip Off The Menu

Sprouts have caused a spate of outbreaks in the past few years, and public health officials are scrambling to find a way to prevent them. But there's no foolproof solution at hand. So some restaurants are saying no to fresh sprouts.

Blood Doctors Call Foul On NCAA's Screening For Sickle Cell

The leading group of doctors specializing in blood disorders says it opposes the NCAA's screening program for sickle cell trait in college athletes. The doctors say it overlooks other, more common factors in exercise-related deaths and is not a comprehensive solution.