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To Protect Children From Lead, Fix Pregnant Women's Homes

Lead poisoning in children can be reduced by cleaning up pregnant women's homes, according to a new study. That would be better than waiting until children are exposed to identify the problem, experts say. But the cleanups are expensive, and money is tight.

High Levels Of Arsenic Found In Rice

Researchers at Dartmouth College recently found high levels of arsenic in rice. Particularly high amounts were found in brown rice syrup — a sugar substitute used in foods aimed at young children.

'Life Is Really Good,' Says Cancer Survivor, 12

When Grant Coursey was a toddler, he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a cancer often found in young children. A tumor had wrapped itself around his spinal cord and was pushing against his lungs. It took three surgeries, but Grant is cancer-free.
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Area Senators Help Kill Contraception Amendment

An amendment that would have allowed employers to to decide whether or not to cover contraceptives based on their religious beliefs was killed in the Senate today, with the help of area lawmakers.


Air Pollution In An Unlikely Spot: An Indoor Hockey Arena

Early last year 31 people got sick after spending time at an indoor ice arena owned by a private school in New Hampshire. Poor ventilation of exhaust from a machine used to resurface the ice turned out to be a big problem.

Trading The Road Of Anger For The Path To 'Patience'

Patience is a virtue that can be hard to recover when you're trapped in rush-hour traffic or stuck in a long line at the bank. In Patience: The Art of Peaceful Living, Allan Lokos explains the importance of abandoning anger and unhappiness and walking the path to patience.
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Kaiser Permanente Expands Operations In D.C. Region

The non-profit health provider Kaiser Permanente is expanding their operations in the D.C. region -- building four new medical centers and expanding two others.