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States Vary On What They Allow Midwives To Do

Midwives specifically trained in delivery outside hospitals can practice legally in 27 states. In the remaining states, mothers-to-be planning for a home birth will probably be attended by a certified nurse-midwife.

Health Care In Massachusetts Turns To Cost Control

When Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts, he made universal health care law. But the 2006 law didn't do anything about controlling costs, which were already among the nation's highest. So now the conversation has turned to cost control, and some very interesting things are beginning to happen.

Digging Deeper Into Obama's 2013 Budget

President Obama laid out his proposed federal budget for 2013 at a community college in Virginia on Monday. The $ 3.8 trillion plan calls for new government spending, including stimulus-style spending on roads. It also seeks to achieve $4 trillion in deficit reduction over the next decade

Why Catholic Groups' Health Plans Say No To Contraceptives, Yes To Viagra

It's a question that Catholic-sponsored employers have objected to the administration's requirement that health plans cover contraceptives at no charge to the insured. What about coverage for medicines to help men with erectile dysfunction?

Komen Hopes Walkers Won't Walk Out On Event

Since the Susan G. Komen 3-Day walks began nine years ago, participants have raised more than $600 million nationwide for breast cancer research. Now, in the wake of a controversy over Komen's grants to Planned Parenthood, some participants are worried it might be harder to get donations this year.
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Carbon Monoxide Leak Strikes Southeast D.C.

At least a dozen residents of Southeast D.C. are being monitored after a carbon monoxide leak stemming from a basement furnace put them at risk.