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Eating Meals With Men May Mean Eating Less

Both women and men eat less when their dining companions are men, according to new research in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology.

More Than 1 In 10 Parents Delay Or Skip Vaccinations For Their Kids

Of the parents who don't follow the recommended timing for vaccinations, most refused only some immunizations — those against flu were ditched most frequently.

Denmark Institutes 'Fat Tax'

Guy Raz speaks with Jakob Sorgenfri Kjaer, business reporter for the Danish newspaper Politiken, about the tax that went into effect this weekend on food products containing saturated fat.

Son Of Nobel Winner Remembers His Father

Guy Raz speaks with Adam Steinman, the son of the Ralph Steinman, who won the Nobel Prize for medicine days after he died of cancer.

Steinman Dies Days Before Receiving Nobel Prize

Ralph Steinman won the Nobel Prize for medicine days after he died of cancer. However, the Nobel committee, which typically only awards the prize to living scientists, didn't know Steinman had passed away.

Supreme Court Hears Medicaid Case

At issue is whether doctors, hospitals and patients can go to court to challenge cuts in Medicaid. The case is from California, which cut the amount it pays health providers without seeking approval from the federal Medicaid agency as required by law. Health care providers sued.

Denmark Taxes Butter And Fat, But Will It Work?

Denmark's population is not obese in large numbers, especially when compared to the U.S., Mexico, and the United Kingdom. And disgruntled Danes could just skip over to Sweden to buy butter and oil.