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Just Say No To The 'Cinnamon Challenge'

A fad is to blame for a big increase in calls to poison control centers about cinnamon. The kooky consumption of a spoonful of the common spice sounds harmless, but it can lead to health trouble.

Supreme Court To Decide Health Care Law's Fate

An unprecedented three days of Supreme Court hearings on the constitutionality of President Obama's health care law have concluded. Wednesday's proceedings had sessions in the morning and the afternoon, taking on two separate questions related to the law.

Justices Ask: Can Health Law Stand If Mandate Fails?

By the end of Wednesday's argument, it seemed pretty clear that if there are five votes to strike down the individual mandate, there likely are five votes to strike down the entire Obama health care overhaul.
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Health Mandate: Lawmaker Reactions Split Along Partisan Lines

Area Democrats say that a Supreme Court decision to overturn the Affordable Care Act could mobilize the Democratic base at the polls this fall, while Republicans say a move would be in line with the Constitution.


Battling 'Red Tide,' Scientists Map Toxic Algae To Prevent Shellfish Poisoning

Scientists with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are working to prevent outbreaks by tracking when and where red tide in Puget Sound will happen next.

Oral Arguments Outside The Supreme Court, As Well

What happens when impassioned demonstrators come this close to each other? Opponents and defenders of the new national health care law found out this week, sometimes facing off outside the U.S. Supreme Court as the justices inside heard three days of oral arguments on the law's constitutionality.
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Woman Admits To Illegally Injecting Customers With Silicone

A woman pleaded guilty on Wednesday to illegally injecting silicone into the posteriors of women in hotel rooms up and down the east coast, including the District of Columbia.