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Keep Calm And Carry On, Except When It Comes To Cancer

That famous stiff upper lip has carried the Brits through tough times, but it can be a risky trait when it comes to health. An international survey finds the British often delay seeking help for serious symptoms of cancer because they're embarrassed or worried about wasting the doctor's time.

Hey, Kid, You Could Be A 'Disaster Hero'

The American College of Emergency Physicians and FEMA are hoping to teach children what to do before, during, and after disasters using their online game, Disaster Hero.

Raw Beef Kibbeh Blamed In Salmonella Outbreak. Is Steak Tartare Next?

Is eating raw meat worth risking diarrhea or worse? A recent Salmonella outbreak makes us wonder about the trend toward consuming beef that's undercooked or not cooked at all.

Payment Can Be Elusive For Medicare Beneficiaries In Personal Injury Cases

If there's a settlement or judgment against another party in a liability case, Medicare is entitled to reimbursement for the money it spent on a beneficiary's medical care. The process is complex and prone to delays. A new law is expected to fix the problems.

Hanging A Price Tag On Radiology Tests Didn't Change Doctors' Habits

Telling doctors how much a CT scan of the head would cost didn't have an effect on the number of scans ordered during a study at a big teaching hospital. It will take more than disclosing costs to control spending on radiology costs, a study suggests.

What's Wrong With Calling Obesity A Medical Problem?

A sociologist argues in a new book that framing obesity as a public health crisis takes a heavy social toll. She says big bodies should be embraced as a form of human diversity, and not seen automatically as a sign of sickness.