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British Outrage Grows As Horsemeat Pops Up In More Foods

Food retailers are poring over piles of beef-based foods for hints of horse contamination. Aside from health concerns, why do Brits have so much beef with horsemeat?

Widely Used Stroke Treatment Doesn't Help Patients

Clearing the blocked artery of a stroke patient with a device snaked through the blood vessel was thought to salvage threatened brain cells and prevent disability. But multiple studies are casting doubt on that conclusion.

Feds Reject Mississippi's Plan For Insurance Exchange

Mississippi would have been the only Republican-led state in the South with a health insurance exchange not run by the federal government. Now Mississippi has another distinction: It's the only state to have its exchange plan turned down by the federal government.

Science of Slumber: How Sleep Affects Your Memory

We spend a lot of time sleeping (roughly one-third of our lives, according to the National Institutes of Health). But how much downtime do our brains really need? Experts discuss the links between sleep, memory and cognition, and why our sleep patterns change as we age.

Should Christie Lighten Up Over Doctor's Concern?

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie isn't laughing about his weight anymore. After poking fun at himself earlier this week, he ended up telling a former White House doctor to "shut up," when she commented on his size. Did he overreact? The Barbershop guys weigh in.

Stressed Out Americans Want Help, But Many Don't Get It

Health care professionals aren't giving Americans the stress management advice they want, according to a new survey. The untreated anxiety may be good news for the snack food and video game industries.

A Life Defined Not By Disability, But Love

When she was younger, Myra didn't realize her mom, Bonnie Brown, was "different" than most. Her mother's intellectual disability was only something she realized later when her mother told her, "I know I am not like your friends' mothers, but I'm doing the best I can."