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The Sleep Apnea Business Is Booming, And Insurers Aren't Happy

Sleep apnea is a condition that can raise the risk of several serious illnesses, including heart disease. Testing for the condition is a lucrative business, and sleep labs have sprung up across the country. But as spending skyrockets, insurers are rethinking how they pay for testing to curb costs.

Ending Nightmares Caused By PTSD

Some people suffering from PTSD have recurring nightmares of a single, traumatic event. Researchers are focusing on a specific event during sleep that may be causing the disturbing dream cycle.
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Company Promotes Healthy Living At Convention Center

Interactive exhibits at the D.C. Convention Center are helping people learn how to make healthier lifestyle choices.

Is It Time For You To Go On An 'Information Diet'?

"If we want to make media better then we've got to start consuming better media," says open-source-Internet activist Clay Johnson. His new book, The Information Diet, makes the case for more "conscious consumption" of news and information.

India Marks A Year Free Of Polio

The absence of a new polio case in India is a milestone in the decades-long effort to wipe the poliovirus from the face of the planet. Only a few years ago, India reported more polio cases than any other country in the world.
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New Cholesterol Research And Heart Disease Prevention

Millions of Americans take statins to lower their cholesterol. But new research questions the benefits for patients without heart disease and suggests these drugs can trigger dangerous side effects.


Woman Injects 'Bath Salts,' Loses Arm To Flesh-Eating Bacteria

A woman injected the illicit drug bath salts to get a party high, only to be attacked by flesh-eating bacteria. Her right arm and shoulder were amputated to save her life. It's the first case of serious infection reported from this increasingly popular stimulant.