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Health Insurers Set To Pay $1.3 Billion In Rebates

Health insurers that haven't spent the required share of premiums on health care will be sending rebate checks to employers and consumers. All told, an estimated $1.3 billion is expected to be returned to customers this summer.
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Going Inside The World Of 'Crossfit'

We go inside the District's latest exercise craze to see whether it's just another fad, or the holy grail of fitness.


Evidence Mounts That Diet, Exercise Help Survivors Cut Cancer Risk

The American Cancer Society says there's strong evidence that an active lifestyle and a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can help cancer survivors live longer and stay cancer-free. But the latest guidelines take a dim view of nutritional supplements, which experts say can be harmful.

Teenagers' Latest Bad Idea: Drinking Hand Sanitizer

Teenagers are turning to hand sanitizer in search of a cheap legal buzz, poison control centers report. Doctors say it's dumb, and dangerous.

Doctor Pay: Where The Specialists Are All Above Average

Who makes the most? Specialists who do things to you. Orthopedic surgeons and radiologists top the earnings chart at an average income of $315,000 a year, according to data compiled by Medscape.

Mad Cow Disease: What You Need To Know Now

The food supply is safe, federal officials say, even though a fourth case of mad cow disease has been discovered in the United States. A 2009 ban on using cattle parts in animal feed may be why cases are so infrequent.