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Dominique Dawes, Olympian To Health Advocate

Dawes is the first African-American woman to win an individual Olympic medal in gymnastics. Now at age 35, she's dedicated to helping others maintain healthy lifestyles. She speaks with host Michel Martin about her career, and how families can handle the challenges that face their student-athletes.

Medicaid Takes Growing Slice Of States' Spending

These days the health program for the poor is claiming a bigger slice of states' spending than even K-12 education, says a report from the National Association of State Budget Officers.

For Teens, Weight Loss Sculpts New Lives

For many students at Wellspring Academy in N.C., two months at this weight-loss boarding school have transformed them. Those who trailed behind their parents to check in back in August now own the campus. Kids who had watched from the sidelines while others exercised have turned into exercisers.

FDA Tells Weight-Loss Surgery Centers To Pull Misleading Ads

The Food and Drug Administration has warned a marketing company and eight surgery centers in Southern California that their marketing of weight-loss surgery is misleading. Ads touted the benefits without adequately describing the risks.