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How Parents Can Learn To Tame A Testy Teenager

Whether fighting about texting or curfew, the key to resolving parent-child disputes is by helping them understand why they're angry in the first place. It usually turns out to be another stress like trouble at school or fear of embarrassment.

Why Even Radiologists Can Miss A Gorilla Hiding In Plain Sight

An attention researcher wanted to find out how radiologists would fare in a version of the famous Invisible Gorilla study. He found that 83 percent of the radiologists failed to spot an image of a gorilla on slides they were told to inspect for cancer. It's just one example of how, when people are asked to perform a challenging task, their attention can narrow and blocks things out.

Obscure Chagas' Disease Takes Costly Toll

Chagas' disease, which is transmitted by the "kissing bug," occurs mainly in Latin America. But the illness is on the rise in the U.S. Health economists now estimate that Chagas costs the world about $7 billion annually, which is more than the cost of cervical cancer or cholera.
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MoCo Council To Vote On Smoking Ban Expansion

Montgomery County's smoking ban may soon be expanded to more public spaces.


British Outrage Grows As Horsemeat Pops Up In More Foods

Food retailers are poring over piles of beef-based foods for hints of horse contamination. Aside from health concerns, why do Brits have so much beef with horsemeat?

Widely Used Stroke Treatment Doesn't Help Patients

Clearing the blocked artery of a stroke patient with a device snaked through the blood vessel was thought to salvage threatened brain cells and prevent disability. But multiple studies are casting doubt on that conclusion.