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Drug Spending Levels Off, But Not For The Usual Reasons

Seniors are traditionally the biggest consumers of prescription drugs, but they aren't using as many. Greater use of generics also played a role in last year's slow growth.
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Bad Sushi Leads To Area Salmonella Outbreak

A salmonella outbreak has seized 90 people across 19 states, with health officials believing that it could stem from contaminated sushi.


Speaking Multiple Languages May Help Delay Dementia Symptoms

Research finds that bilingual children are better at "executive processing," which includes being able to pay attention, plan and organize thoughts.

Panel: To Safeguard Food Imports, It's Not Just About Inspections

For a long time, food safety experts have complained that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration doesn't have enough port inspectors to adequately catch contaminated imports before they reach consumers. But a report from the Institute of Medicine says the focus should be on helping other countries regulate better.

More Fake Cancer Drugs Found In The U.S.

U.S. medical practices bought counterfeit medicine labeled as Altuzan from a foreign supplier, the FDA says. Altuzan, which is the Turkish brand name for the blockbuster drug Avastin, is approved for use in Turkey but not in this country.

Rep. Moore Discusses Stunning House Speech

During a debate over the Violence Against Women Act last week, the Wisconsin Democrat told her own history of surviving sexual assault and violence. Rep. Moore speaks with host Michel Martin about her story and why she thinks the Violence Against Women Act deserves bipartisan support. (Advisory: This segment may not be suitable for all audiences.)

Doctors Urge Their Colleagues To Quit Doing Worthless Tests

Nine national medical groups have identified 45 diagnostic tests, procedures and treatments that they say often are unnecessary and expensive. The head of one of the specialty groups says unneeded tests probably account for $250 billion in health care spending.