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Supplements Look Risky In Study Of Older Women

Use of many common supplements — iron, in particular — appeared to increase the risk of dying, and only calcium supplements appeared to reduce mortality risk. The increased risk amounted to a few percentage points in most instances.

Global Tuberculosis Cases Drop For First Time

The World Health Organization reports that cases of the disease are declining thanks to several, worldwide efforts. The world isn't out of the clear yet, though.

Listeria Outbreak: Why More Of Us Didn't Get Sick

It's likely that the number of people who ate cantaloupe contaminated with listeria far exceeds the number of illnesses and deaths reported so far. So why aren't more of us sick? When it comes to vulnerability to food-borne illness, factors like age, stomach acid and the common cold can all come into play.

Lung Cancer Leads List of Malignancies Linked With Bankruptcy

Lung cancer was associated with the highest risk of personal bankruptcy five years after diagnosis, researchers at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center found. Smokers are more likely to be on a lower rung of the socioeconomic ladder.
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Anti-Mosquito Activist Tells City To Put a Sock In it

A D.C. man is waging a war on mosquitoes, and he says his homemade sock-laden traps work just as well as the ones used by the U.S. Department of Health.


Popular Contraceptive In Africa Increases HIV Risk

The latest in a series of studies lends support to the possibility that the most popular form of birth control in many African countries — an injectable contraception that lasts for three months — is linked to an increased risk of HIV infection. Women using this type of birth control were twice as likely to become infected and nearly twice as likely to pass the virus to their male partners, compared to women not using hormonal contraception. Health experts are dismayed by the possibility, which, if true, is a setback for both family planning and HIV prevention. The World Health Organization is calling experts together to figure out what to do next.

Mental First Aid: How To Help In An Emotional Crisis

While many Americans are trained in first aid and CPR, few are prepared to help others experiencing a mental health crisis. But new courses in mental health first aid are starting to change that. By the end of the year, educators say some 50,000 people will have taken a mental health first aid class.