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Why We Lie About Using Food Thermometers

Twenty percent of people say they often use a food thermometer — but they're probably lying. Used right, a thermometer is the best tool to make sure that food has been cooked long enough to be safe.

Experimental Drug Melts The Fat Off Chunky Monkeys

The drug, given by injection, isn't going to be on pharmacy shelves anytime soon. But it has now been seen to work in five different species — from mice to monkeys. A human test of the drug is set to begin soon.

How Soul Food Can Be Good For Your Health

Soul food has a rap as being too sweet and heavy. But in reality, the culinary traditions of the African diaspora offer just as many healthful eating options as those of Mediterraneans. That's the word from experts behind a new African Heritage Diet Pyramid, which puts eating guidelines into cultural context.

An Unorthodox Approach To Tricky Surgery

A Johns Hopkins surgeon who is pretty handy with an endoscope has figured out how to operate in some hard-to-reach spots at the base of the skull through a natural opening above the jawbone.

Wal-Mart's Clarification On Health Care Leaves Room For Big Moves

Even after downplaying some parts of a document requesting partners for future health care ventures, Wal-Mart's ambitions to do something bigger in providing medial services in its stores remains clear. The company is seeking help in managing chronic health conditions — from asthma to osteoporosis — that are among the most prevalent problems in the U.S.

'Personhood' Divides Anti-Abortion Groups

Some foes of abortion haven't supported efforts to define legal personhood as beginning with the fertilization of a human egg because of concerns about unintended consequences.