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Bypass Surgery Edges Stents For Heart Treatment

The biggest comparison yet of surgery and stents for stable heart disease gives the nod to bypass operations. Fewer patients who had surgery died four years afterward.

Insurers Try Rebates To Lead Consumers To Cheaper Care

Some insurers and employers are trying cash to reward employees who choose less expensive health care services. Under one program, nearly 40 services are covered, including mammograms and colonoscopies, knee replacements and cataract surgery.

High Court Delves Into More Health Care Questions

At the Supreme Court, lawyers and justices will continue to spar over the new health care law. Tuesday's debate will center on whether the requirement that everyone carry health insurance — the individual mandate at the heart of the law — is constitutional.

Uninsured Will Still Need The Money To Meet The Mandate

While the Supreme Court considers the legality of requiring individuals to purchase health insurance, others are questioning the economics of the mandate. Some worry that, even with government subsidies, it may be difficult to find the funds to pay for health insurance.

Justices Tackle The Big Question: Can Congress Force You To Buy Insurance?

The health care overhaul law requires everybody to buy insurance. Critics see that as the ultimate threat to individual liberty. On day two of the health care hearings, the most conservative Supreme Court in decades takes up the question: Did Congress go too far?