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Traces Of Anxiety Drugs May Cause Fish To Act Funny

Small amounts of the drugs that people take end up in wastewater and then in streams and rivers. It's usually not enough to harm the health of humans who swim in or drink the water. But there is growing evidence that pharmaceuticals in wastewater may affect wildlife.

More Women Turn To Morning-After Pill

A study finds those who used emergency contraception were about evenly divided between in their reasons. About half said it was because another contraceptive method had failed and half cited unprotected sex.

Scientists Pass The Hat For Research Funding

Crowd funding has proved popular for bands raising money to produce a new album and for producers of documentary films. Now scientists are getting into the act, and some are raising money from the very people they're studying.
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Maryland On Track To Implement Health Care Reform By 2014

Maryland Lt. Governor Anthony Brown went before state lawmakers this week to outline his plans to implement federal health care reform.


Report: Action Needed To Wipe Out Fake And Substandard Drugs

Contaminated and counterfeit drugs can be more profitable than illegal ones, and they're spreading. This problem is killing people around the world, including in the U.S., and hampering efforts to control diseases like tuberculosis, malaria and AIDS.

Fear Of Cantaloupes and Crumpets? A 'Phobia' Rises From The Web

Images of holey foods, like Swiss cheese, aerated chocolate and lotus pods, are freaking out people on the Internet. Urban Dictionary has even coined a term for it: trypophobia. These photographs may make your skin crawl and stomach churn, but here's why you shouldn't panic.