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Supreme Court To Decide Constitutionality Of Health Law

The legal showdown will decide once and for all if the administration's sweeping law to extend insurance coverage to millions of Americans will stand. The court has scheduled more than five hours of oral arguments for the case.

Why Doctors And Patients Talk Around Our Growing Waistlines

In a country with a rampant obesity epidemic, many patients say their doctors don't spend enough time talking with them about losing weight. But doctors often complain that when they do bring up the issue, nothing changes.

Veterans To Create World's Largest Medical Database

The Department of Veterans Affairs is way ahead of the curve when it comes to electronic medical records, which it's been collecting for 25 years. The Million Veteran Project launched this year is an effort to pair the records with blood samples — which contain DNA — from 1 million veterans.

Now Children Need Cholesterol Tests, Too

One more needle stick: Children will now need a cholesterol test before they turn 12. Blame rising obesity rates for that. The goal is to find children with high cholesterol and treat them, mostly with diet and exercise, to reduce the risk of heart disease as adults.

Farm-Raised Tilapia, With A Dash Of Antibiotic

Seafood inspections aren't geared to catch drug residues from fish farms, leaving consumers in the dark on whether dinner contains drugs that could cause antibiotic resistance and cancer. A new study says there's no way to tell how big the problem is, given the lack of oversight.

This Is A Spinal Tap

In the popular imagination, spinal taps get top symbolic billing when it comes to medically induced pain and foreboding. But a Mayo Clinic neurologist explains they are no big deal when performed properly.