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Study: Older Antipsychotics Shouldn't Be Used For Elderly

Elderly people taking Haldol, an older antipsychotic, were twice as likely to die within six months of starting the drug as those taking Risperdal, a commonly used newer drug. Older antipsychotic drugs shouldn't be used to dementia symptoms in the elderly, a new study of the options concludes.

South Dakota Tribe Goes Up Against Big Brewers

The Oglala Sioux Tribe filed a $500 million lawsuit against brewers and retailers, claiming they're responsible for the reservation's alcohol-related problems. The tribe lives on a dry reservation, but they claim nearby towns unlawfully sell alcohol to residents. Host Michel Martin speaks to a reporter and the tribe's attorney.

Disease Sleuths Surf For Outbreaks Online

When sick people search the Web for remedies or tweet about their symptoms, they're sending an early warning signal about disease outbreaks. Now scientists and public health officials are listening in.

N.H. GOP Moves To Revise State's Contraception Law

Until the current fight over a similar federal regulation, the New Hampshire law requiring contraceptive coverage was on the books for more than a decade without controversy. Now Republicans in the state Legislature are trying to carve out a religious exemption.

Virginia Governor Backs Down From Ultrasound Bill

After protests, the GOP governor asked legislators to revise a bill that would have mandated an invasive procedure before a woman could have an abortion. The bill had become a political liability for Bob McDonnell at a time many see him as a potential GOP vice presidential candidate.

Law Student Makes Case For Contraceptive Coverage

A Georgetown law student made her case for mandatory insurance coverage for birth control in front of a panel of House Democrats. A week ago she was prevented from testifying before a Republican-controlled committee.