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The Man Who Tracks Viruses Before They Spread

Nathan Wolfe travels to the viral hot spots of the world, where viruses first jump from animals to humans. The scientist spends his days tracking emerging infectious diseases before they turn into global pandemics.

How Hairdressers Can Help Fight Skin Cancer

Over a lifetime, our heads and necks receive a ton of exposure to the sun's UV rays. But most medical checkups don't include exhaustive exams of our hair and head. So public health researchers want to recruit hair stylists to help. It turns out, some of them are already performing informal skin cancer exams on clients.

Curbing Cooking Smoke That Kills More People Than Malaria

Limited research on the health effects of indoor cookstoves and lack of affordable stoves and fuel has contributed to the problem of people getting sick and dying from indoor exposure to cooking smoke, say NIH Director Francis Collins and others.

Making Sense of Your Medical Math

Sooner or later most people who are trying to make a medical decision have to decipher statistics that describe how successful a particular treatment is likely to be. It's not as hard a task as you might think.

Vaccinations Can Be Money-Losers For Doctors

When office costs are factored in, doctors lose money about half the time on common immunizations, a new analysis finds. Vaccine storage and personnel costs are often overlooked.

Disease Detective Hot On The Trails Of Anthrax And Cholera

A scientist has used new genetic-sequencing technologies to identify the strain of anthrax in the 2001 attacks, the cause of anthrax contamination in European heroin, and the source of a cholera outbreak in Haiti.