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Mississippi Builds Insurance Exchange, Even As It Fights Health Law

Unlike Louisiana, Alabama, Florida and other conservative states in the South, Mississippi is well on its way to having an insurance exchange ready for operation by the 2014 deadline laid out by the health overhaul law.

Doctors Revamp Guidelines For Pap Smears

For years, doctors have recommended that women start getting Pap smears every year or two to try to catch signs of cancer early, when it's easiest to prevent and treat. But new guidelines say that testing every three years is a better idea for most women.

Fish And Spices Top List of Imported Foods That Make Us Sick

Outbreaks caused by imported foods are up — and so is the amount of imported food that Americans eat. Fish and spices are the biggest culprits. That's according to new data from the CDC.

Get To Know 'Number Needed To Treat'

A single statistic can help show how beneficial, or not, a treatment is. It's called the number needed to treat. And the lower it is, the better.

Chill Out For A Better Workout

Getting hot and sweaty makes it hard for many people to keep exercising. A new study found that chilling people's palms while exercising helped them keep going.

Fatty Foods Bad For Sperm

Saturated fat, the stuff in meat and dairy foods, was associated with lower sperm counts, in a study of 99 men who were clients of fertility clinics. The results, though preliminary, suggest there's something men can do to boost the odds their sperm are up to their evolutionary task: eat better.