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Extreme Makeover, Potato Edition

Will tomorrow's U.S. supermarket stock 10 kinds of potatoes? Potato geneticist Chuck Brown hopes so. He's been working to introduce the American market to purple, orange and red potato varieties, and bring back the sizzle potatoes once enjoyed.

The Science Of Ritual: Why We Seek Help And Healing In Repetition

Psychologists are learning why we rely on rituals when there's something we want but don't know how to get. In a new paper, they say we're more likely to believe a ritual will work if it involves repetition and lots of steps.

Summer Movies: Olympic Medal-Winning Favorites

The Olympics make for great spectator sport. They also make for great movies: Miracle and Cool Runnings, to name just a couple. TOTN's favorite movie buff Murray Horwitz picks films about the Olympic Games that score a perfect ten, and those that land in the consolation bracket.

Mindfulness: Using Your Brain To Beat Stress

Psychologist Ellen Langer has spent 30 years researching mindfulness, which she describes as the process of letting go of preconceived notions and acting on new observations. Her ideas revolutionized the field of social psychology, and her work is now used from battlefields to schools to hospitals.
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Teaching And Testing: DCPS Tackles HIV

We look at the challenges of educating young people about HIV, and how D.C. public schools have dramatically changed how they teach sex education.


Mixed Feelings About Side Effects From Cholesterol Pills

There's ample evidence cholesterol-lowering pills called statins can reduce the risk of a repeat heart attack. But there's fresh debate about the widespread use of statins to prevent heart attacks in people who've never had one. Are the benefits worth the risks?

When Your Family Member Does The Unthinkable

In the wake of mass murder, the families of victims must navigate a complicated emotional landscape. But so, too, must the families of those charged with the crimes. Among the questions such families must grapple with are troubling ones about their own responsibility.