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Another Side Effect Of Chemotherapy: 'Chemo Brain'

For years, researchers have struggled to understand the mental fog that envelops some patients getting chemotherapy. Now a study has found that the cancer treatment significantly decreases brain activity in regions responsible for memory, attention, planning and prioritizing.

Shootings Leave Sandy Hook Survivors Rethinking The Odds

The probability that an individual will experience a school shooting may be low. But when the improbable happens to you, where do you find comfort?

Stores Recall 'Nap Nanny' After Feds Say It's A No-No

Three models of the infant recliners are being recalled voluntarily by some of the nation's biggest retailers, including and Buy Buy Baby. The Consumer Product Safety Commission claims the products are hazardous. The maker has said the infant seats are safe when used as directed.

Putting Granny Into A Pod

People hoping to provide care and independence for aging loved ones may want to consider the 'granny pod.' That's a high-tech cottage set up in your backyard. Host Michel Martin speaks to Socorrito Baez-Page, who bought one for her mother. Also with them is Susan Seliger, regular contributor to The New York Times' 'New Old Age' blog.

Random Acts Of Kindness Can Make Kids More Popular

Children can easily become kinder and more helpful. And that behavior makes them more positive, more accepting and more popular with other children, a study of Canadian kids finds.