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Nightly Glass Of Wine May Protect Boomer Women's Bones

A small study in the journal Menopause says moderate drinking slows bone loss in baby boomer women. Researchers saw fewer signs of bone breakdown in the blood of women in their early 50s and 60s who consumed up to 1 1/2 drinks a day.

'Treatment As Prevention' Rises As Cry In HIV Fight

Momentum behind the tactic has grown ever since a big study showed that people with HIV are 96 percent less likely to pass the virus on if they faithfully take antiviral medicine. Experts call it a "transformational moment" in the course of this epidemic. But many people with HIV still don't know they have it.
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Area Lawmakers Weigh In On Another Health Care Vote

Republican lawmakers in the House held what, by some counts, is the 32nd attempt to repeal some or all of the healthcare law upheld by the Supreme Court last month.


Gene Mutation Offers Clue For Drugs To Stave Off Alzheimer's

The mutation is rare but it appears to protect some people from developing the disease. The finding is an encouraging sign for drug researchers looking for medicines that have a similar effect in the brain.

Firefighters Prevail In Fight for Health Insurance

President Obama has told federal agencies to start offering seasonal firefighters the same health benefits year-round federal employees get. The order came as legislation to make the change was introduced in Congress.

Why You Should Keep Medicines Out Of Summer Heat

What happens if you can't store medicines at the recommended temperature? A pharmacist explains why drugs need to be kept cool and dry and what happens if they aren't.