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Colon Cancer Screening More Likely When People Are Given A Choice

People are more likely to get screened for colon cancer when their doctor gives them a choice of methods. Pushing colonoscopies alone may keep people from getting screened at all, according to a new study.

With Cancer Care, The U.S. Spends More, But Gets More

Cancer care costs more in the U.S., but people live longer than they do in European countries, according to new research. But the numbers are 10 years old, and it will take more research to know if today's increased spending is worth it.

Fast Food Chains In Cafeterias Put Hospitals In A Bind

Hospitals trying to eliminate unhealthy food from their cafeterias are finding that uprooting fast food chains isn't easy.

Sexual Abuse: What Finally Made It 'Ok To Tell'

Lauren Book grew up in what looked like a stable upper class home. But over six years, Lauren was sexually and physically abused by the family's female nanny. Her memoir It's OK to Tell challenges commonly held ideas about sexual abuse, and she speaks with host Michel Martin. (Advisory: This segment may not be suitable for all audiences.)
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Insights from New Research into Autism

The diagnosis of autism in the U.S. has almost doubled in the past decade. Join guest host Susan Page to discuss new research on factors that might contribute to this complex condition.


Wider Use Of Breast Cancer Radiation Technique Raises Concern

The use of brachytherapy is gaining popularity, but some medical experts worry that not enough research has been done to make sure it works as well as the traditional approach to radiation.

Study Warns Of Autism Risk For Children Of Obese Mothers

Half of the mothers in the study had a child with an autism spectrum disorder, while the rest had a child with a developmental delay unrelated to autism, or no developmental problem. But an author of the study says it's not clear whether there's any connection between rising obesity rates and the increasing number of children diagnosed with autism.