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As Health Care And Politics Collide At Home, Obama Heads Abroad

As the Supreme Court debates the constitutionality of his signature domestic policy achievement next week, President Obama will be keeping his distance from the events in Washington. But GOP candidates competing for Obama's job are expected to be paying close attention.


What Your Gynecologist Doesn't Know About Your Sex Life, But Really Should

Most gynecologists don't ask patients about their sexual orientation or if they're having sexual problems, a new study finds. That makes it hard for women to get appropriate medical care, the researchers say.


Bloomberg And Allen Boost Their Health Giving

New York Mayor, media magnate and public health zealot Michael Bloomberg said he will give $220 million to fight smoking in the developing world. Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen is giving $300 million for brain research.

Is Health Law A 'Breathtaking Assertion' Of Power?

Next week, the Supreme Court will hear challenges to the Affordable Care Act. In the first of a series of conversations about the case, host Michel Martin sits down with Michael Cannon of the Cato Institute. Cannon opposes the law and his group has filed four briefs with the high court, arguing that key parts of the measure are unconstitutional.

Writing The Messy Life Of A Sexual Health Pioneer

Margaret Sanger founded the organization that became Planned Parenthood. Her work around sexual health made her one of the most celebrated and vilified figures in women's history. Host Michel Martin explores Sanger's complex life and drive for her work with Jean Baker, author of the biography Margaret Sanger: A Life of Passion.

The Man Behind The Defense Of Obama's Health Law

Over more than 25 years as an attorney, Solicitor General Don Verrilli has developed a reputation as both a gentleman and a scholar, two attributes that have helped him earn the trust of the Supreme Court's justices. Next week, he'll go before those same justices to argue in favor of the Affordable Care Act.


Medicare Board Draws Fire Before It Even Meets

The House is expected to pass a bill that would eliminate a board that is charged with reining in Medicare spending. But Democrats generally oppose the change, and President Obama has promised to veto the legislation if it ever gets that far.