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The Real Virologist Behind "Contagion"

In the new movie "Contagion" virologist W. Ian Lipkin served as both a technical advisor for the film, and as the inspiration for one of its main characters (a virus hunter named "Ian"). Lipkin discusses his role in the film and his own work identifying real-life viruses.

University Of New Hampshire Reverses Course On Ban Of Energy Drinks

The president of the University of New Hampshire put the kibosh on a planned ban of energy drinks on campus after concluding those offered contained about the same amount of caffeine as other beverages, including coffee.

Vilsack: Not Done With Potatoes And School Lunch

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says changes to the school nutrition rule are underway, including more clarity on the recommendation to reduce kids' potato and starchy vegetable consumption. He also says rural America needs a 'thank you.'

Experimental Drug Reverses Effects Of Toxic Wild Mushrooms

Four wild mushroom foragers who mistakenly ate toxic fungi they found near Washington, D.C., were treated with an experimental medicine that's been used in Europe for years.
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Spreading Good Nutrition With Specialty Produce

Woody Woodroof in the fields at Red Wiggler farm.

A Montgomery County farmer wants to increase the health and nutrition of people with developmental disabilities, and now he has a new strategy. 


Military Retirees' Insurance Premiums Going Up

The Defense Department announced this week the premium for retirees with a family plan will be $520 a year, up from $460. Active military members do not pay for health care. The military health program, TRICARE, has been around for decades and may face scrutiny as lawmakers work to cut spending.