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Mosquitoes Engineered To Kill Their Own Kind

Reporting in Nature Biotechnology, researchers write of genetically engineering mosquitoes to pass lethal genes to their offspring, in hopes of crashing populations of one dengue-transmitting species. Science writer Bijal Trivedi talks about recent tests of the bugs, and the concerns of critics.

Pumped-Up Hoodia Weight-Loss Claims Put Vacation House On Block

The Federal Trade Commission said it has reached a settlement with David J. Romeo and two companies he controlled that bans them from "making any weight-loss claims while marketing foods, drugs, and dietary supplements." Under the agreement, Romeo will forfeit a Vermont vacation house.

Religious Groups Want Relief From Birth Control Mandate

Some religious groups want exemptions from federal requirements that they cover prescription birth control in their health plans. But backers of the rules say the changes proposed by the opponents would render the mandate meaningless.

Rising Health Costs Lead Companies To Drop Part-Time Benefits

Wal-Mart may be setting a new trend by slashing health care for part-time workers. ATC host Robert Siegel chatted with John Rother, president of the National Coalition on Health Care, about the issue.