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To Save A Life, Odds Favor Defibrillators In Casinos

Canadian researchers wondered whether automated defibrillators that can save the lives of people suffering cardiac arrest are being put where they're needed most. A study found a mismatch between public locations where the devices are available and where cases of cardiac arrest are most likely.
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Obamacare 101: What Local Residents Need To Know

The way the new Affordable Care Act — a.k.a. Obamacare — will affect you depends on which side of the Potomac River you call home.


Salami Suicide: Processed Meats Linked To Heart Disease And Cancer

Love that bacon, but realize that porking up on processed meat ups the risk of cancer and heart disease. That's the word from a big new study that tracked the eating habits of almost a half-million Europeans over 20 years.

Hear That? In A Din Of Voices, Our Brains Can Tune In To One

Scientists are beginning to understand how people focus on a single voice in a crowded, noisy room. This ability, known as the "cocktail party effect," appears to rely on areas of the brain that have completely filtered out unwanted sounds.

Can Milk Sweetened With Aspartame Still Be Called Milk?

By adding artificial sweeteners to flavored milk, the dairy industry hopes to boost flagging consumption in schools. But if the industry gets its way, the front-of-the-package labels wouldn't note that it's "diet milk."

Why ER Docs In The Big Apple Won't Replace That Painkiller Prescription

Many doctors and patients expect too much from prescription opioids as pain relievers, some physicians say. These expectations need to be reined in to curtail drug abuse and overdoses that claim more than 16,000 lives a year in the U.S., they say.