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Bill Gates Crowns Toilet Innovators At Sanitation Fair

During a festival this week at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, scientists from around the world showcased the latest toilet technologies. Bill Gates himself awarded top-performing commodes, including a solar-powered toilet and one that dehydrates waste within 24 hours.

Safety Flag Raised For Codeine In Kids

The Food and Drug Administration is looking into the risks of codeine, after three children died while taking the medicine to relieve pain following tonsillectomies. Those kids and another one who almost died appear to have had a gene that made the codeine particularly potent inside their bodies.

Saving Lives In Africa With The Humble Sweet Potato

In Africa, a nutrition success story: Swapping orange sweet potatoes for white ones is improving the health of children by boosting vitamin A levels. Researchers are now trying to duplicate their success with other crops.

Johnson & Johnson Pledges To Purge Controversial Chemicals

The health products giant affirmed the safety of the chemicals in question but acknowledged that hasn't been enough to satisfy some critics. The chemicals on the way out range from triclosan, an antibacterial ingredient, to others that release small amounts of formaldehyde.

4 Million Bumbo Baby Seats Recalled

After more than 50 reports of children sustaining head injuries from falls, the South African maker of molded foam Bumbo seats is recalling them. The company has a fix to help keep babies from falling out.

Daily Dose Of Dark Chocolate May Help Lower Blood Pressure

A little chocolate may lower your blood pressure, scientists say, but don't throw out the medicines just yet. The new study is the latest in a string of signs that some of the properties in chocolate might be good for you.