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Caution: Walking Under The Influence Of Mobile Devices

Nearly a third of pedestrians crossing some of Seattle's most dangerous intersections were doing something distracting at the same time. People texting were four times more likely to cross the street without looking both ways.
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Living With Migraine And The Search For New Treatments (Rebroadcast)

As scientists learn more about the cause of migraines, doctors and patients have their sights on better medication. Living with migraines and the search for new treatments.

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D.C. Law Provides Protection For Overdose Victims

A new law in D.C. would provide some immunity for people who call 911 to report a drug overdose. City officials are hoping the law will help reduce the number of deaths from overdoses.


What Killed Him? A 'Verbal Autopsy' Can Answer

In many parts of the world, there aren't enough doctors around to do post-mortems. Answers to a few questions can help a computer deduce what killed someone when an autopsy can't be done. The results can help guide decisions about public health.

A Guarded Thumbs Up For Sugar To Ease Tots' Pain From Shots

A roundup of the medical evidence by a group of independent researchers suggest that giving babies sugar water before injections can help comfort them. But the latest analysis is less enthusiastic about the approach than a previous review.

Democrats Draw Line On Medicaid Cuts

Democrats are worried that cuts to the program will go beyond the impact on the people it serves. It will also affect the Affordable Care Act, which calls for expanding Medicaid to as many as 16 million more people. The states are watching closely because the federal government has promised it will pay most of those additional costs.