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'Wired To Run': Runner's High May Have Been Evolutionary Advantage

Endurance athletes sometimes say they're "addicted" to exercise, and research suggests that may not be an overstatement. "Our brains have been sort of rewired from an evolutionary sense to encourage these running and high aerobic-activity behaviors," one researcher says.

Is It Possible To Walk And Work At The Same Time?

Some experts recommend taking 10,000 steps a day for optimal health — a number that can be hard to get to on a busy day. Taking a work meeting to the sidewalk is one way to get more daily exercise. But how much walking do we really need?
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More Than Half Of Virginia's Younger Doctors Are Women

According to a new study, for the first time in Virginia's history, the majority of younger physicians are women.

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Virginia Continues Working On Healthcare Benchmarks

Virginia lawmakers have until fall to devise the state's benchmark plan for healthcare.


The Power Of Flower Photos

These flowers are more than just pretty. They tell a story of life, death and friendship.
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The Best Bets from Washington Consumers' Checkbook

When you – or your pet – need medical attention, finding the right place for care can be overwhelming. With myriad hospitals and vet clinics to choose from, affordable quality care can vary widely. We get advice from Washington...


A Need For Speed: Inside Jamaica's Sprint Factory

When it comes to sprinting, Jamaica reigns supreme. And what, exactly, makes Jamaicans so fast? Some say it's in the food; others point to genetics. But let's start with the obvious: In Jamaica, kids really like to run.

Arrests Made In $75 Million Prescription Drug Heist

Federal authorities brought charges yesterday against 22 people they say were part of an organized crime ring that stole $100 million of prescription drugs and other goods. Such drug thefts still pose threats to consumers and the pharmaceutical industry.