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Scientists Report First Cure Of HIV In A Child, Say It's A Game-Changer

Scientists say a Mississippi child has been cured of HIV. The research findings, released Sunday, could help cure other HIV-infected newborns.

Your Child's Fat, Mine's Fine: Rose-Colored Glasses And The Obesity Epidemic

Despite current trends, most parents assume their own kids won't grow up to be overweight adults. That 'optimism bias' has neurological roots, brain scientists say.

Selling Kids On Veggies When Rules Like 'Clean Your Plate' Fail

Involving kids in preparing dinner may be a better way to get kids to eat their vegetables than strictures like "no dessert until you eat your vegetables." But health experts say there's nothing wrong with an occasional treat.
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Children's Calorie Consumption Down, But Obesity Rises

Lack of physical activity among children is the likely reason for a puzzling new trend discovered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Study: Depression, Autism And Schizophrenia Share Genetic Links

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, major depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia may be linked by common genetic risk factors, according to a new study published in The Lancet. Audie Cornish speaks with study author Jordan Smoller of Harvard Medical School.

How Did Our Brains Evolve To Equate Food With Love?

Until recently, our brains' way of connecting food with love and a sense of well-being was purely a good thing. But in a world where it's possible to feast every day, it can be a problem.