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Speaking More Than One Language Could Prevent Alzheimer's

Neuroscientists have found that bilingual seniors were better at certain skills that can fade with age than their monolingual peers, which could help protect them against Alzheimer's disease. But the researchers don't know whether learning a second language in adulthood would provide the same benefit.

Families And Fat: What Can Help, What Can Hurt

Living with an overweight parent, child or spouse can be difficult. Loved ones who want to help a family member struggling with obesity may be hesitant to broach the subject for fear of causing shame or making matters worse.
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Sperm Donors' Parental Rights Preserved In Virginia Court Ruling

The Virginia Supreme Court has sided with a sperm donor in a controversial case where a father was denied parental rights after his ex-girlfriend cut of contact with his daughter, conceived through in-vitro fertilization.


Wake-Up Call: FDA Pushes Drugmakers To Weaken Sleeping Pills

The active ingredient in many sleep aid medications like Ambien stays in the body longer than had been thought, which could leave people drowsy the next day. So the Food and Drug Administration is ordering pharmaceutical companies to change the labeling on drugs containing the ingredient zolpidem.

As Cases Spike, Flu Season May Be Peaking In Boston

Warnings that this year's flu season was likely to be a bad one are already bearing out in Boston. But an infectious disease doctor says the flu season may have already peaked last week.