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Medical Technician Might Have Exposed Hundreds To Hepatitis C

A former New Hampshire hospital employee was arrested in connection with an outbreak of hepatitis C. He's accused of tainting syringes that were later used on patients. Now officials are investigating whether patients in other states were exposed.

Legal Battle Erupts Over Whose Plastic Consumers Should Trust

As BPA is phased out of some plastics, there are questions about the safety of other chemicals. A suit has been filed against Eastman, a company that makes a new BPA-free plastic called Tritan. Do other chemicals carry the same risks alleged for BPA?

What Does The Future Hold For Bird Flu Research?

Scientists gather in New York to consider the future of bird flu research after a moratorium on the work passes. Critics say the work and its findings could pose security risks, but scientists defend their experiments as preparation for outbreaks.

How Forensic Psychiatry Informs Trials

James Holmes, the former neuroscience student accused of killing 12 people and injuring 58 others in the Colorado movie theater massacre, has been formally charged with 24 counts of murder. The case will likely involve questions about Holmes' psychiatric condition and competency to stand trial.

Ebola Outbreak Kills At Least 14 In Uganda

At least 20 people have been infected with the deadly Ebola virus in rural Uganda. The number of infections is expected to rise, as more patients are admitted to hospitals. An international team has been dispatched to the region to contain the outbreak.

Cancer Patient Gets Help From 'Bake Sale' And Aetna CEO

Arjit Guha, a graduate student at Arizona State, felt sick after coming back from a trip to India in early 2011. His severe stomach pain was caused by advanced colon cancer. He maxed out his health insurance and harnessed the Web to raise money to cover his care. A Twitter conversation with Aetna's CEO opened a new chapter in the story.