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Pills On The Job: Companies Add Prescription Services

Some companies are adding drug dispensaries to their on-site health clinics. Others are offering concierge services that deliver drugs right to workers' desks. The companies hope to improve workers' compliance with doctors' orders by making it easier to get prescriptions filled.

Scientists Find New Wrinkle In How Cholera Got To Haiti

Researchers have found two very different cholera strains in some of the first Haitians to be struck by the disease. The findings suggest that cholera germs may have been lurking undetected in Haiti for a long time.

Loneliness Bodes Poorly For A Healthy Old Age

Loneliness in older people can predict declines in health and an increased risk of death, a six-year-long study found. People over 60 who feel lonely had a 45 percent higher risk of death than those who weren't lonely.

One Writer Puts A Face To The Abortion Debate

During election season, a lot of the discussion around the issue of abortion is political. But for the women who undergo abortions, it's a deeply personal, and often painful, choice. Writer Sarah Tuttle-Singer recently shared her story in the essay, "My Jewish Abortion." She talks about it with host Michel Martin.

Is The Coconut Water Craze All It's Cracked Up To Be?

Coconut water, both fresh and canned, is a popular post-workout drink, but unless you run marathons or workout for more than 90 minutes, you can probably stick to water for rehydration.

Consumers Stuck With Murky Sunscreen Labels Another Summer

Consumers who were expecting the Food and Drug Administration's new requirements for sunscreen labels to be implemented this month will have to wait. The agency has given sunscreen manufacturers until December to catch up to the mandate for clearer information on labels.
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Thousands Hit D.C. Streets For Pancreatic Cancer Awareness

Thousands of people participated in the District's Purple Stride on Saturday.