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Building A Better Toilet

Toilets, as most of us know them, haven't changed much since the 1800s--they use a lot of water, and require an infrastructure that many communities can't afford. Ira Flatow and guests look at the problem of access to sanitation, and how engineers are making toilets better.

FDA Pulls Approval Of Avastin For Breast Cancer

After more than a year of deliberations and an unprecedented public hearing in June, the agency has revoked approval of the biotech blockbuster Avastin, a medicine that chokes off the blood supply to various cancer cells, as a treatment for metastatic breast cancer.

When To Worry About Smart Kids And Drugs

Do children with high IQs grow up to be drug abusers? That was the startling headline on a new research study. But lack of parental supervision and untreated mental health problems are far more likely to be issues, and those are things that parents can fix.

GAVI To Make HPV Vaccine Available In Developing Countries

About 88 percent of cervical cancer deaths occur in developing countries. The deaths can be prevented by an HPV vaccine, which will be available to some women for the first time in 2012.

Swipe A Loyalty Card, Help A Food Detective?

In many food safety investigations, disease detectives ask people what they ate. But most people often can't remember. Enter the loyalty card database, which never forgets.

Channeling Dragons To Parent Terminally-Ill Kids

Emily Rapp and her husband eagerly anticipated their baby's birth. But when their son Ronan was nine-months-old, he was diagnosed with a terminal disease. All of their plans suddenly felt inconsequential and they refocused their lives on being fierce, loyal and loving "dragon parents."