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Dental Visits To ERs Are On The Rise

More than 800,000 visits to hospital emergency rooms in 2009 were for toothaches and other avoidable dental ailments. In hard times, states often cut Medicaid's dental benefits, pushing low-income patients from the dentist's office to the emergency room.
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Virginia Senate Passes Abortion Ultrasound Bill

Virginia Republicans passed a controversial bill that will require women to have transabdominal ultrasounds prior to an abortion.


Popular Cholesterol Drugs Get New Warnings About Memory, Blood Sugar

Statins may also increase the risk slightly for high blood sugar and for developing Type 2 diabetes. People have also complained about memory loss and fuzzy thinking while taking the cholesterol-fighting drugs. Now the Food and Drug Administration wants that information added to the drugs' instructions.

Feds Accuse Texas Doctor In $350 Million Medicare Fraud

A Texas doctor and six co-conspirators indicted for an alleged long-running health care scam look to have set a new record for a medical practice: $350 million in fraudulent Medicare bills and $24 million under Medicaid over nearly six years ending in late 2011.

Single Motherhood: Good For Babies And Moms?

The non-profit Child Trends reports that a growing number of children are born to single mothers. Journalist Bonnie Goldstein — who was a single mom — argues that single women should think twice before deciding to have children. Host Michel Martin talks with Goldstein, single mom Resa Barillas, and Dani Tucker, a regular parenting contributor.

Coming To A Strip Mall Near You, A Health Insurance Store

Some health insurers are angling to appeal to millions of new insurance shoppers by opening retail stores where people can buy a policy, check on an existing claim, maybe even take a class in healthy cooking or yoga.