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Free Breast Pumps And The Cost Of Health Care

Health insurers are now required to pay for breast pumps. What will that mean for health care costs?

Walk While You Talk: The Meeting Goes Mobile

To stay in shape, many people stand while they work, or even use a treadmill desk. The latest advice might get you out of the building altogether. Ditch the boardroom and walk while you meet.

New Norovirus Strain Rips Through The U.S.

More than half of norovirus outbreaks reported during the last four months of 2012 in the U.S. were caused by a strain first identified in Australia. Restaurants and long-term care facilities have been hit hardest.

Fighting Misconceptions About Sickle Cell Disease In The ER

Patients with the blood disorder can experience severe pain. But when they arrive at the emergency room seeking help, health care personnel often think their requests for narcotics are a sign of addiction. Nursing professor Paula Tanabe is helping to illuminate the problem and improve treatment.

Costa Rican Tribe's Traditional Medicines Get A Modern Media Makeover

To help the an indigenous community in Central America preserve their culture and traditions, journalism students have built a website exploring how the tribe uses medicinal plants to treat everything from a cold and sunburns to cancer.