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What Happens To The Criminally Insane, After Court

John Hinckley Jr. faces a hearing to determine whether or not he can be released from a mental health facility to care for his ailing mother. The case raises questions about the role of the insanity defense and what happens to the criminally insane after they leave the courtroom.

To Get Kids Vaccinated, Some Pediatricians OK With Delays

The majority of pediatricians are okay with delaying childhood vaccines if parents ask to do that, according to a new survey. But they still overwhelmingly support vaccines and the current schedule, which requires 25 vaccines before age 2.

Got Arthritis? Exercise Can Help

Daily exercise keeps arthritis from getting worse, doctors say. But a new study suggests that many adults with joint pain aren't trading in their Snuggies for water weights.

Fighting Childhood Obesity: It's A Family Affair

A Northern California program offers a model for how parents can work with their kids to lose weight and keep it off. The approach is remarkably straight forward — and successful.

An Amnesia Patient's Strange Power Of Recall

A 71-year-old amnesiac in Germany has become well known in medical circles there. Even though the patient has lost nearly all memory of his past and has difficulty planning anything in the present or for the future, new research shows the former concert cellist is still able to learn new music. Audie Cornish speaks with Dr. Carsten Finke, a neurologist at The Charite university hospital in Berlin, about the unique patient.