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Drug-Resistant Germ In Rhode Island Hospital Raises Worries

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cites Rhode Island Hospital for fast work in stamping out a dangerous antibiotic-resistant germ. But federal officials are concerned the next time might not go as well. They're asking U.S. hospitals to be alert to the threat.

What Your Brain Looks Like When You Lose Self-Control

Ever wonder why you worked so hard to avoid the lasagna at dinner only to give into your craving for dessert? Researchers say that's because our internal reservoir of self-control can be depleted. Neuroscientist William Hedgcock discusses use of fMRI to show what happens in the brain when a person loses self-control.

When Patients With Fibromyalgia Try Marijuana

Fibromyalgia patients have limited treatment options, but a Canadian study finds that those who self-medicate with marijuana were more likely to have poor mental health and to seek other drugs.

Bird Flu Research Illustrates Dual-Use Issues

A scientific journal has finally published the details of how to make mutant forms of bird flu. These viruses were created last year by a lab that's trying to stay ahead of a possible flu pandemic, so that the world can get ready. But the work is highly controversial. The government is grappling with how to manage the risks of this kind of research without blocking scientific progress.

Why Many Young Adults Might Lose Coverage If Health Law Falls

One of the most popular parts of the health overhaul law is a provision that lets parents keep children on their insurance policies until age 26. Several big insurers say they plan to keep that in place even if the Supreme Court strikes down the rest of the law. But it may not be so easy.
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D.C. Nursing Home Company Asked To Return $2M

A report by the D.C. Inspector General prompted calls from the D.C. Council for a company that runs two area nursing homes to return more than $2 million in District funds.