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Carrot Juice Instead Of Coke? USDA Proposes New School Snack Rules

The proposed rules would limit snacks to a maximum of 200 calories and promote options like fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Experts say this many fewer calories each day, over years, can add up to big calorie savings.

Obama Administration Wades Into Birth Control Coverage Fray

The Obama administration has issued a proposal detailing how coverage for contraception will be paid for under Obamacare. The health overhaul law requires insurance plans to provide birth control coverage, but those opposed to artificial contraception argue they should not be made to use their own funds to pay for it. Audie Cornish talks to Julie Rovner.

Novartis Recalls Triaminic And Theraflu Cough Syrups

Triaminic and Theraflu syrups and "warming liquids," the products implicated in the latest recall announcement, contain acetaminophen and diphenhydramine. But kids were able to open the childproof caps on the products, presenting a risk of poisoning.

Are NFL Football Hits Getting Harder And More Dangerous?

In the early days of the NFL, the average lineman weighed 190 pounds. Now they average 300 pounds. A look at the physics behind a tackle shows that bigger and faster players means harder slams to the turf and more severe injuries.

Obama Administration Issues Proposal On Birth Control Coverage

Some organizations have objected to the health care overhaul's rules, saying they violate religious freedom.

Lesson Learned: A Curb On Drugmakers' Gifts To Medical Students

Most medical schools have cut down on students' interactions with the pharmaceutical industry by instituting gift restriction policies. These policies can reduce the prescribing of newly marketed drugs in favor of cheaper options.