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Is An AIDS-Free Generation Within Reach?

Robert Siegel talks with Ambassador Eric Goosby about U.S. efforts to combat the pandemic around the globe. Goosby heads PEPFAR, the President's Emergency Plan for Aids Relief.

Common Parasite May Influence Human Behavior

A study shows that women infected with a common parasite are 1.5 times more likely than other women to attempt suicide. The parasite, which is found in cats, is already known to change the behavior of infected animals.

Treating HIV: From Impossible To Halfway There

Today in Haiti there are thousands of modern-day Lazaruses — people who have been rescued from the final stages of AIDS with treatment. Many HIV-positive survivors there and around the world are receiving treatment thanks to President Bush's $15 billion emergency program, called PEPFAR.

Glaxo Settlement Pulls Back Curtain On Drug Marketing

The government released a slew of documents in the Glaxo settlement that serve as a one-stop guide to sales practices that allegedly ran rampant for years.

True Or False? Elected Officials Interpret The Health Law

Though elected officials have strong opinions on both sides of the healthcare law, it seems that some are hazy on the details. Test your own knowledge of what the health care ruling means for Americans.

Debate Revived: Low-Carb Or Low-Fat Diet?

Is a calorie just a calorie? Science writer Gary Taubes says no. In a study published last week in the Journal of the American Medical Association, diet researchers reported that patients on a low-carb diet kept weight off longer than those on a low-fat diet, re-introducing a long-standing debate.