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Feds Seek Comments On Bird Flu Safety Fears

The Department of Health and Human Services' request for comments comes after some have criticized officials for not having enough public discussion about the controversial H5N1 viruses, which were created in the lab to find out if they could mutate and start a pandemic in people.

Should We Ration End-Of-Life Care?

In a debate of ethics and policy, a panel of experts examine the cost of end-of-life care and whether it should be controlled. This emotionally difficult issue is the center of the latest installment of Intelligence Squared U.S.

Teenage Brains Are Malleable And Vulnerable, Researchers Say

New research presented at the Society for Neuroscience meeting suggests that teens are not necessarily wired to be impulsive. Researchers are also learning more about why it's important to treat problems like depression in teens early.
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D.C. Won't Renew Contract With Thompson's Company

The D.C. government is unlikely to renew its contract with Chartered Health Plan, the health care company owned by Jeffrey Thompson, the millionaire fundraiser who has been tied to Mayor Vince Gray's "shadow campaign" in 2010.


Wiping Out Polio: How The U.S. Snuffed Out A Killer

During the early 20th century, polio killed thousands of American children each summer and paralyzed many more. Now, as the world fights to eradicate the virus globally, we look back at the development of the polio vaccine and its successful deployment around the world.

Girls Vaccinated For HPV Not More Likely To Be Sexually Active

Researchers found that 11- and 12-year-old girls who had the vaccine were no more likely to have had sexual health issues than ones who didn't. Still, parents' concerns about daughters and sexual activity remain a barrier to widespread adoption of the HPV vaccine, along with concerns about vaccine safety.