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How Do Your Dinnertime Rules Compare To The Obamas'?

In the Obama household, there are some rules at mealtime. The Obamas eat brown rice instead of white, limit dessert to a few times during the week, and pack lots of vegetables into dinner.

Drawn To Sweets Or Fats? Blame Your Genes

A new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition finds certain genes may predict a person's food choices and eating habits. Two genes in particular, which are associated with obesity, were significantly associated with more snacks per day from fats and sweets — as well as more servings from dairy and meat.

With PSA Testing, The Power Of Anecdote Often Trumps Statistics

A federal task force's recommendations against routine blood tests for prostate cancer raises big questions about how to interpret medical evidence and what role expert panels should play in how doctors practice. But those questions aren't easy to answer.
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'Healthy Homes' Aims To Identify Health Threats

The D.C. Department of the Environment has launched a new program to help residents identify health threats in their homes.


Patients Crusade For Access To Their Medical Device Data

Heart implants supply doctors with data that can tell them a lot about a patient's health. But that information isn't directly available to patients. Now some patients are on a mission to get faster access to information about their hearts.