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What We Know, And Don't Know, About Organic Food

Many people buy and eat organic food because they believe it's more nutritious. A new study suggests that may not be the case. But with a vast number of influences and variables, from the ripeness of produce to the length of the studies, researchers note that more research is needed.

Scientists Unveil 'Google Maps' For Human Genome

For decades, scientists thought that most of our genetic code was essentially useless filler between our genes. But the results of a massive project to understand this so-called junk DNA reveal that it contains switches that control how genes function.

Insurer's Files Show Big Cost Differences For Same Illnesses

Some of the cost variations from a UnitedHealthcare database are startling. For treating a basic asthma episode, cases in the 10th percentile of distribution cost $98 each while those in the 90th percentile the cost was $1,535 per case.

High Blood Pressure: Often Recognized, But Still Poorly Controlled

Most adults with high blood pressure are being treated these days. But more than half of all Americans with hypertension still haven't got it under control.

Zanzibar Shows Cholera Vaccine Can Protect Even The Unvaccinated

The results comes from Zanzibar, an island state of Kenya, where half the people in six rural and urban areas received two doses of oral cholera vaccine. The vaccinations led to fewer bacteria circulating, lowering the infection risks even for those who weren't vaccinated.