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Should Parents Be Able To Sue For 'Wrongful Birth'?

Several states are debating "wrongful birth" laws that would prevent parents from suing a doctor who fails to warn them about fetal problems. Critics say the laws give doctors the right to withhold information so women don't have abortions.

To Fight HIV, Indian Health Workers Say Homosexuality Must Be Legal

Public health workers are advocating to keep homosexuality legal to fight against HIV/AIDS. India's Supreme Court began a six-week-long recess today without ruling on homosexuality, which has captivated many in the country.

Military Looks To Redefine PTSD, Without Stigma

The military wants to encourage more veterans to get treatment if they think they have PTSD. But that would add more cases to an already overburdened system.

In Talent Hunt, Some Businesses Offer Health Benefits For Same-Sex Couples

Last year, a little more than half of employers offered health benefits for domestic partner according to a nationally representative sample of about 3,000 employers surveyed by benefit consultant Mercer. That's up from a little less than one-third in 2010.

Jobs And College Pose Big Challenges For Young People With Autism

Within the first six years of getting out of high school, a little more than one-third of young people previously diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder had gone to college and only a slim majority — 55 percent — had held paying jobs.