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In Haiti, Bureaucratic Delays Stall Mass Cholera Vaccinations

Cholera has killed nearly 7,000 Haitians since October 2010 and sickened well over a half-million. A program to vaccinate 100,000 Haitians was supposed to have kicked off by now — before the spring rains once again help spread the disease. But the campaign is bogged down in red tape.

Does A Chocolate Habit Help Keep You Lean?

New research suggests that frequent chocolate consumption may favorably influence metabolism. It adds to the growing evidence that our bodies may not treat all calories the same way.

Weight-Loss Surgery May Help Treat, Even Reverse, Diabetes

Two studies that compared outcomes for patients on diabetes drugs versus those who underwent bariatric surgery found the latter group was much more likely to see blood sugar go down. Many of these post-operative patients were able to stop taking any diabetes drugs altogether.

Reading Between The Lines Of Monday's Supreme Court Arguments

Even though Monday's arguments were at times dominated by in-the-weeds references to tax codes, the morning provided moments of illumination and humor, as well as fodder for how the justices view their role in the case and how lawyers for both sides will be packaging their arguments in coming days.