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Texas Gov. Perry Says No To Medicaid Expansion

Texas Republican Gov. Rick Perry called the federal health overhaul law a "power grab" and rejected an expansion of Medicaid in the state to cover more people with low incomes. The recent Supreme Court ruling on the administration's health law makes participation in the expansion optional.

Virus Suspected In Mysterious Cambodian Outbreak

Scientists have found enterovirus 71 in samples taken from children sickened in Cambodia. The virus can cause hand, foot and mouth disease. Symptoms of that illness are consistent with those reported in an outbreak that has been seen since April.

Tell the World Your Big Idea With NPR's 'What's Your Big Idea?' Video Contest

Do you have a good idea? Something that could change the world? NPR wants to know. Our new "What's Your Big Idea?" video contest will showcase the big ideas of people ages 13 to 25. It's all part of our exploration of the process of innovation and invention. So, what's your big idea?
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Calorie Police: Legislating How Much We Eat

From limiting sales of large sodas to requiring calorie counts on restaurant menus, lawmakers are trying to help Americans slim down and eat healthy. What it takes to modify behavior at the dinner table.


What Is Black Lung?

A definition, cost and explanation of the resurgence of the deadly coal miners' disease.

Surface Coal Miners At Risk For Black Lung

The deadly disease is no longer just a concern for underground miners. A new study documents severe cases among surface miners, too

Black Lung: Why Respirators Are Not A Solution

Breathing devices may seem useful for protecting coal miners from the toxic dust that causes black lung. But federal law does not permit using respirators as a way of complying with dust exposure limits.

As Mine Protections Fail, Black Lung Cases Surge

An investigation by NPR and the Center for Public Integrity found federal regulators and the mining industry are failing to protect miners from the excessive toxic coal mine dust that causes black lung. The disease is now being diagnosed in younger miners and evolving more quickly to complicated stages.