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X-Ray Tests May Heighten Cancer Risk In Susceptible Women

Researchers concluded that exposure to diagnostic radiation before age 30 is associated with an increased breast cancer risk in women with a certain genetic mutation. They recommend that if a girl or young woman needs diagnostic evaluation via X-ray or CT scan for any reason, she should undergo MRI, which does not use radiation.

When It Comes To Buying Organic, Science And Beliefs Don't Always Mesh

Many of you wrote in to let us know you weren't happy with a recent study on the health benefits of organic foods — or our coverage of it.
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D.C. Sees Its First West Nile Death

The first death resulting from the West Nile virus has been reported in the District — just the latest in a season that's fast becoming among the worst on record.


'Test And Treat' Strategy For Curbing HIV Draws Questions

Testing everyone for HIV and then giving them early treatment could theoretically eliminate the epidemic in South Africa. A mathematical model of this "test and treat" strategy suggest that it might be more expensive and take significantly longer than previously predicted.

How Americans Think About Screening

There are conflicting guidelines on when women should get mammograms and mounting questions on when the PSA blood test for prostate cancer is worthwhile. We asked how people are sorting things out.

Exercise And Eat Well: How Doctors Dole Out Advice

Primary care practitioners continue to serve as the first line of defense against the obesity epidemic. But when it comes to what happens between doctors and patients behind closed doors, some wonder whether doctors can really convince their patients to make permanent lifestyle changes.