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Will Smartphones And iPads Mush My Toddler's Brain?

Research suggests that toddlers under 2 don't learn from television — and in fact, TV viewing, even in the background, could harm their development. But what about content on mobile screens? The answer may depend on how you're using them.

Pill Or Candy? Can You Guess Which Of These Is Medicine?

If you didn't get the right answer, don't feel bad. A precocious Ohio girl who asked teachers and kindergartners to look at 20 matched pairs of medicines and candies found they were wrong around 30 percent of the time.
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Group Completes Homeless Survey In Arlington

The group 100 Homes Arlington completed a survey of homeless Arlington residents, identifying those most in need of free county housing.


Exploring Multiple Personalities In 'Sybil Exposed'

In a new book writer Debbie Nathan digs into archived material documenting the experiences of a patient known as "Sybil," who reportedly suffered from multiple personality disorder. Ira Flatow and guests discuss MPD, and its modern equivalent--dissociative identity disorder.

Don't Count On Facebook Boosting Your Brainpower Just Yet

Contrary to what you may have heard, more Facebook friends hasn't been proved to make your brain bigger. Check out what researchers actually found in a new study.

New Varieties Haven't Taken The Nutrition Out Of Broccoli

Some researchers have found that vegetables like broccoli have fewer good-for-you nutrients like calcium and zinc than they used to. But a new study says that genetics — what plant breeders control — probably isn't the major factor determining nutrient levels.