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When Forgetfulness Needs Medical Attention

Tennessee women's basketball coach Pat Summitt was diagnosed with Alzheimer's this week. Shots caught up with a neurologist for more on how the Alzheimer's diagnosis is made.

Unwed Women Living With Men Risk More Unplanned Pregnancies

Unintended pregnancies among wealthier women and teens dropped slightly between 2001 and 2006. But unintended pregnancies were up for African-Americans and low-income women, leading researchers to conclude the overall rate has remained flat.
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DEW Tour Athlete Remains Hospitalized After Big Crash in Ocean City

In Maryland, Ocean City drew the biggest crowds in the history of the DEW Tour last weekend, with around 73,000 packed the three beachfront stadiums. But, one DEW Tour athlete stayed behind.

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Prince William County Looks To Address Hoarding

Prince William County has created a new task force to deal with the problem of hoarding, and get to the root of this detrimental disorder.

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Heat Wave Killed 3 People In Maryland Last Week

The heat wave that oppressed the D.C. area for most of last week killed three people in Maryland, according to a report from the Associated Press.

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Outside Planned Parenthood, Client Escorts And Abortion Opponents Clash

Each day, women walk into abortion clinics in the District. Some seek advice; others will enter and terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Almost all will be approached by someone who will try to persuade them not to enter the clinic, and one local group is trying to counter that effort.

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West Nile Virus Shows Up In District

The West Nile Virus has been found in mosquitoes in the District, and officials are warning people to take precautions.