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Why Observing Prostate Cancers Is Gaining Ground On Surgery

An panel of experts convened by the National Institutes of Health suggests doctors should rethink their approach to treating prostate cancers. One of the recommendations is most low-risk prostate tumors shouldn't be labeled as cancer in the first place.

Bonbons For Breakfast? Most Kid Cereals Pack Enough Sugar To Be Dessert

A new report by the Environmental Working Group finds that the vast majority of popular cereals marketed to kids exceed guidelines that call for no more than 26 percent added sugar by weight.

Teenage Girls Will Still Need A Prescription For 'Plan B'

The Food and Drug Administration had decided that a version of the morning-after emergency contraceptive pill could be sold without a prescription to buyers of any age. But the head of the Department of Health and Human Services overruled the FDA.

Morning-After Pill Won't Be Available Without Prescription To Younger Girls

The Food and Drug Administration will not be removing age restrictions for the Plan B One Step pill — a decision that's likely to prolong a fight that has raged for more than eight years.

Call Now To Get A Medicare Enrollment Extension

A three-day extension is available to seniors who seek official help with their decision today. To qualify, people need to call a Medicare hotline or an official Medicare partner for help.

Snakebite Threat Gets Short Shrift

Even at the low end of estimates, deaths from snakebites would exceed those from some better-known scourges, such as cholera, dengue fever and Chagas disease.

Students Grossed Out By School Water Fountains

New California rules are meant to get school kids to drink fewer sugary drinks and more water. But many students don't want to drink out of public water fountains.