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Survey: Health Premiums Rise By Small Percentage

Average health care premiums rose by a mere 4 percent this year, according to a new survey. That's the smallest increment in more than a decade. But experts aren't sure whether that slowdown will last.

Where Traffic Noise Takes A Toll On Health

Too many bad nights' sleep can raise the risk of heart attack and high blood pressure. Researchers say highway noise should be added to the list of environmental pollutants.

Insurance Costs Rise, But More Slowly

Annual family health insurance premiums rose about 4 percent to an average of $15,745 this year, a new survey finds. While the increase is less than the one seen last year, it exceeds both inflation and wage gains.

More Vaccines Come Without Copays, Unless You're On Medicare

The federal health law makes it easier for most people with private insurance to get recommended vaccines without a copay. But the changes don't apply to people covered by Medicare.

Can Counseling Complicate Your Security Clearance?

People seeking government jobs that require security clearance must disclose any therapy they've received over the last seven years — even for sexual assault. Experts say the requirement, known as Question 21, is discouraging people from applying for the jobs — and from seeking help.

Two Mutations Can Transform A Swine Flu Virus

An influenza virus that only infects pigs could very quickly lead to a dangerous flu pandemic in humans, a recent study reports. Results of an experiment in ferrets, a model for flu in humans, suggest that a swine flu virus can mutate into a contagious and fatal disease within 10 days.