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How Did Our Brains Evolve To Equate Food With Love?

Until recently, our brains' way of connecting food with love and a sense of well-being was purely a good thing. But in a world where it's possible to feast every day, it can be a problem.
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Carrots And Sticks: Workplace Wellness

Kojo explores the new approaches companies are taking to boost workplace wellness, and whether offering workers financial incentives to get healthy works in the long term.


Sugar's Role In Rise Of Diabetes Gets Clearer

Robert Lustig, a physician and anti-sugar crusader, found in a new study that countries where people have easy access to sugar are more likely to see a rise in diabetes. But skeptics say that sugar's not the only culprit.

Mapping The Effects Of The Sequester On Science

On Friday March 1, automatic cuts known as the 'sequester' go into effect across the federal budget. Michael Lubell of the American Physical Society discusses what scientific programs will likely be affected, in fields from medical research to renewable energy development.

A Mother's Death Tested Reporter's Thinking About End-Of-Life Care

Studies show that end-of-care is often futile. It doesn't always prolong lives, and it doesn't always reflect what patients want. But for families making decisions about loved ones, balancing the evidence and emotions can be wrenching.
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Environmental Outlook: Air Pollution In China

For this month's Environmental Outlook: Air pollution across China is forcing authorities to cancel flights, close highways and suspend work at some factories. Exploring the cost of growth in China.

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Legal Debate Over Doctor-Assisted Suicide

Montana’s House of Representatives passed a bill that could imprison doctors for assisting in suicide. Legislation is pending in other states to make it legal. A panel joins Diane to discuss the legal and political debate over end-of-life issues.


Sacrificing Sleep Makes For Run-Down Teens — And Parents

Getting enough sleep is as crucial as eating well and exercising. But with family life spinning faster and faster, solid shut-eye is sometimes hard to come by. That can hurt kids' health — and increase their weight.