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Need A Price For A Hip Operation? Good Luck With That

When researchers asked hospitals how much a total hip replacement would cost a 62-year-old woman paying cash, a surprising number couldn't or wouldn't say. Health care could learn something from the car industry about working with consumers, critics say.
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Dot Com v. MD: Health Advice & Resources Online

We look at how Americans are using online health resources and how they're changing the doctor-patient relationship.


U.S. Fertility Rates Fall To All-Time Low

The rate at which American women are having babies fell again in 2011, continuing a decline that's been under way for years. Births to teenagers hit another low, while births to older women rose slightly.
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Guns And Suicide

Two-thirds of the people who died from gunshot wounds in 2010 were suicides. Diane and guests talk about recognizing people at risk of suicide and whether reducing access to guns could lower U.S. suicide rates.


How Parents Can Learn To Tame A Testy Teenager

Whether fighting about texting or curfew, the key to resolving parent-child disputes is by helping them understand why they're angry in the first place. It usually turns out to be another stress like trouble at school or fear of embarrassment.

Why Even Radiologists Can Miss A Gorilla Hiding In Plain Sight

An attention researcher wanted to find out how radiologists would fare in a version of the famous Invisible Gorilla study. He found that 83 percent of the radiologists failed to spot an image of a gorilla on slides they were told to inspect for cancer. It's just one example of how, when people are asked to perform a challenging task, their attention can narrow and blocks things out.