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Man On A Mission: Grow The World's Hottest Chili Pepper

An amateur chili grower aspires to break the Guinness World Record for the world's hottest pepper.

Cure Winter Blues With Light Therapy

Or The Beach — Seasonal depression, or seasonal affective disorder, affects some five percent of Americans in the winter as daily sunlight hours dwindle. Psychiatrist Richard A. Friedman discusses the evolutionary origins of the winter blues, and treatments ranging from light therapy to a trip to the beach.

Tests Find Formaldehyde In More Hair Straighteners

While some brands of hair straightener bill themselves as free of formaldehyde, some may contain significant concentrations of the chemical, an irritant and a cancer risk. An independent study confirms previous government reports that some hair products are mislabeled.

Treating Soldiers With Severe Combat Wounds

More soldiers are returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with wounds that would have been fatal a decade ago. The injuries have led to advances in combat medicine but have challenged the health care systems meant to help veterans back home. War reporter David Wood talks with Fresh Air about the hurdles facing these troops and their families.

Chew On This: Some Gum May Ward Off Ear Infections

Giving children gum with xylitol, a sugar substitute, appears to reduce the risk of ear infections by 25 percent. But it takes a lot of chewing each day to achieve that result.

Why We Lie About Using Food Thermometers

Twenty percent of people say they often use a food thermometer — but they're probably lying. Used right, a thermometer is the best tool to make sure that food has been cooked long enough to be safe.