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Salmonella Undermines Hedgehogs' Cuteness Overload

There have been 20 reports of human salmonella infections linked to pet hedgehogs recently. Public health officials say people should keep the animals away from areas where food is prepared and served.

Should Medicare Pay For Alzheimer's Scans?

A drug used in brain scans to help doctors detect clumps of protein associated with Alzheimer's disease was approved by the Food and Drug Administration last year. Now Medicare officials are weighing whether to cover it.

Oh, Baby: Squeezable Snacks Might Be Tough On The Teeth

Those cute little foil pouches of organic food for toddlers may pose hidden dangers for new teeth and developing mouths. But they may not be any more of a risk than the frequent use of sippy cups and bottles, dentists say.
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Coping With The Loss Of A Newborn Child

We talk about loss, grief, and letting go with a D.C. woman who lost one of her twin boys shortly after his birth.

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Maryland Health Officials Waited To Notify Public Of Meningitis Cause

Maryland health officials held off for a week before notifying the public of the likely cause of a meningitis outbreak in the state, AP reports.


Gut Microbes May Play Deadly Role In Malnutrition

The bacteria that live in humans' guts influence weight gain and health. By studying twins in Malawi, scientists have found that changes in this microbial community may also turn malnutrition into a fatal condition.

Why Some Families Won't Qualify For Subsidized Health Insurance

Under the health care overhaul, many people who find their job-based health coverage too expensive can get help buying insurance through exchanges. But rules just finalized by the Internal Revenue Service will limit who is eligible for a subsidy and could leave some families shut out.